Steinsultz & Howe CD Out Now!

A year in the making but worth the wait, The Deep End by Steinsultz and Howe.  Jason Steinsultz and Jeff Howe, rhythm section for the Max Stalling Band, have combined their individual songwriting talents on their debut release. With the…

New Max Stalling CD is out!

The new Max Stalling release, Portmanteau, Live at the Mucky Duck is now out and available online and at select retailers.  The CD was recorded live in Houston at The Mucky Duck in an all acoustic "unplugged" fashion. The drum…


New Max Stalling CD Release

Max Stalling's new CD, "Portmanteau" will be released on August 10 at his Houston, Tx show at The Mucky Duck. The CD was recorded live at the Mucky Duck in the summer of 2017 and features popular Max Stalling favorites…


New Music for 2019!

Jeff is teaming up with long time Max Stalling bassist Jason Steinsultz on a CD of new music.  The as of yet untitled disc will consist songs written by both Jeff and Jason and include production/guitar duties by Michael

Jeff Howe is back with Max Stalling! New music in the works!

Jeff Has returned to the Max Stalling Band playing Honky - Tonks all across Texas and the Southwest. The band has just completed recording a special live, "jug band" record in Houston at the famous Mucky Duck.  Jeff used his…

Austin Allsup on new season of The Voice!

Fort Worth native Austin Allsup will be featured this season on NBC's The Voice.  Austin was chosen by Blake Shelton, whom Austin had previously giged with, 11 years earlier at Billy Bob's Texas.
Go Austin!

Science Shows Drummers Are Fitter and Happier Than Everyone Else

Science Shows Drummers Are Fitter and Happier Than Everyone Else Image Credit: Getty Images Science Shows Drummers Are Fitter and Happier Than Everyone Else Tom Barnes's avatar image By Tom Barnes April 28, 2015 LIKE MIC ON FACEBOOK: Any drummer…

Joke of the Week

Q: What do you call a cow with no legs?

A: Ground Beef!

Written by: Braden Hawkins

New Austin Allsup video coming!

Austin Allsup has a new video in the works from the newest CD, This Weary Land.  The video is the title track.  Here is a little teaser!