New Blog Series Coming Your Way! Who's Hungry?

Howdy Folks! I will be introducing a new blog series in the next few weeks entitled, "Chicken Fried Blog". This blog will be soley devoted to the glory that is the chicken fried steak.  As a child, there was something magical about the chicken fried steak.  It was a treat to difficult to prepare at home and we ate out so rarely in those days that I hardly ever got to eat one.  But when my Dad gave me the OK to order one when we did go out to eat, man, it was like a gift from above.  So  the idea for this blog has been long in the making and something me and my band mates (Max Stalling Band) have been discussing for years.  In our travels, we always seem to stop at various restaurants that  proclaim that "they" have the best chicken fried steak in .... (that small town, Texas ,USA, World!).  Well we figured they all can't be the best. There must be some that are better than others.  This is what I intend to find out!  
So, in the name culinary curiosity, I will consume at least one chicken fried steak per week and post my results here.  My Doctor thinks this is a great idea, something about a boat payment.   Anyway, I will be judging the steaks on appearance, presentation, size, texture, taste, doneness, crispiness of batter, taste of the gravy (you gotta have gravy!) and the thickness of the gravy.  I will also judge the "chicky frieds" based on price. Now just to be clear,  the chicken fried steak I'm refering to is made from a cow, cube steak ( tenderized round steak), pounded until tender, dipped in a batter and deep fried.  I'm not talking about chicken fried steak made from exotic cuts of meat like Elk, Venison, Black Bear or Nutria! Just the good old fashioned Texas version, which by the way is the best.  I will  include comments from my band mates and some pictures of each dish I review. This won't be a scientific study or a forum to tear down restaurants that have less than stellar food, just an honest search for the best chicken fried steak within my reach  Hopefully at the end of all this I will be able to crown "King Chicken Fried Steak" and not have a heart-attack in the process.  Please feel free to comment on my findings or better yet, give me some suggestions on where to find the "Best Chicken Fried Steak in the ........?!?!  

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