Steinsultz & Howe

Sometimes an idea comes quickly. Sometimes ideas are a slow build, born from years of inspiration and friendship. This was the case for Jeff Howe and Jason Steinsultz. Friends for many years backing up a host of singer songwriters on stage and in the studio as a "go to" rhythm section in various styles. Both Texas natives had been writing songs for years and decided over many  late night talks and cocktails to pool their talents and songs together to see what happens. The sound is familiar yet new, combining Jason’s love of 80’s synth pop and country with Jeff’s love of The Beatles and the Blues. The result is The Deep End. Created with the help of producer and guitarist Michael J. Smith and many of their friends who brought to life these songs of love, lost and found, loneliness and songs that try to make sense of our world. The duo is set to take their music to stages near and far and share their vision of the world.

New Album in the works for Steinsultz & Howe 

Jeff and Jason have been hard at work writing songs and are finallizing plans to follow up their previous record, "The Deep End".  Joining them in the studio this time around will be the full band, Joey Cater, Ruben Salazar and Michael Smith returning to produce as well as play guitar. Look for an early summer release!