Drum Teacher

Jeff has been teaching drum lessons at his home studio or in students homes to folks from 6-60 for the past 22 years.  Jeff is especially adept at working with kids, who tend to require more patience and creativity to learn a musical instrument.  This probably stems from Jeff being a father of three kids himself so he definitely understands patience!   Focusing on the basic techniques of drumming; grip, reading, coordination and playing solid time, have been the anchors of his teaching. Jeff also trys to get his students to understand musical drumming and how to support the song in any given genre; Rock, Jazz, Country and a myriad of hybrid styles that all modern drummers must be able to play.  This is accomplished through a combination of various method books, DVD's, CD's and visual demonstration. If you are interested in taking drum lessons, please contact Jeff for availability.  Lessons are available for 30* minute and 1 hour lengths.

  Jeff can  help in these areas:

  • hand technique
  • foot technique
  • reading music
  • independence (the ability to maintain a steady rhythmic pattern with one or more limbs while simutaneously executing varying patterns with another limb or limbs)
  • learning songs to increase facility in specific styles
  • drum fill development
  • studying the masters
  • integration of the bass drum into rhythmic patterns: ie developing facility with hand foot combinations for fills or solos
  • soloing concepts and vocabulary
  • transcribing
  • the mental aspects of drumming
  • audition preparation
  • playing with a metronome/click track
  • using rudiments on the drum set
  • left (hi-hat foot) independence
  • double bass drum technique
  • brush technique
  • linear drumming
  • drum tuning/maintenance
  • history of the instrument/evolution of drumming

                                                                  Lesson Rates

Private lessons at Jeff's Studio - 1 hour - $250.00 per month (4 lessons) Recommended ages 8-80
Private lessons at Jeff's Studio - 30 minute - $160.00 per month (4 lessons) Primarily for ages 3-7
Private lessons in your home - 1 hour - $475  per month (4 lessons)
1 time $35.00 sign up fee which includes lesson planner and in home analysis and drum tuning of your drum set
Payments can be made with a credit card through Paypal or check/cash/Venmo.

*It is not recommended for students over the age of 8 to enroll in 30 minute lessons unless they have extremely short attention spans. Students tend to advance at a much faster rate in the 1 hour sessions which keeps them motivated.  A wealth of information is passed verbally from teacher to student and cannot be taught out of a method book.  Also, the elements of trust and report are built up more quickly in 1 hour lessons through conversation by the student and teacher. 

Guitar Teacher

Jeff has also taught beginner and intermediate guitar lessons for many years.  Focusing on guitar basics; chord shapes, scales, strumming/picking techniques and rhythm, Jeff guides his students through beginning techniques whether the student has ever played an instrument before or not. In no time, Jeff's students are learning their favorite songs!

Method Books

Here is a partial list  of  method books Jeff likes to use.

Hand strengthening/Rudimental:
1.Stick Control for the Snare Drummer - George B. Stone

2.Fundamental Studies for the Snare Drum - Garwood Whaley

3.Musical Studies for the Intermediate Snare Drummer - Garwood Whaley

4.Master Studies - Joe Morello

5.The Drummer's Complete Vocabulary - John Ramsey (Alan Dawson)

6.Accents and Rebounds - George B. Stone

Bass Drum:
1.Bass Drum Control - Colin Bailey

2.The Encyclopedia of Double Bass Drumming - Bobby Rondinelli & Michael Lauren

3.Double Bass Drumming - The Mirrored Groove System - Jeff Bowders

1.Rockin' Bass Drum - John Lombardo

2.The Drummer's Cookbook - John Pickering

1.The Funk Drumming Workbook - Chet Doboe
2.Give the Drummers Some - Jim Payne

3.The Commandments of R&B Drumming - Zoro

4.Advanced Funk Studies - Rick Latham

Jazz :
1. Mel Bay's Studio/Jazz Drum Cookbook - John Pickering
2.Progressive Steps to Syncopation for the Modern Drummer -Ted Reed

3.Advanced Techniques for the Modern Drummer - Jim Chapin

4.Musical Time - Ed Soph

5.Mel Bay's Stage Band Drummer's Guide - John Pickering

6.The Art of Bop Drumming - John Riley

7.Brush Artistry - Philly Joe Jones
8.Big Band Primer - Ed Soph
9.Jazz Drum Set Independence - Steve Fidyk

1.Inside Out (Exploring the mental aspects of drumming) - Billy Ward

2.Early Rhythm and Blues Drumming - Zoro & Daniel Glass

3.The Big Beat - Max Weinberg

4.Drummin' Men (The Swing Years) - Burt Korall
5.Drummin' Men (The Bebop Years) - Burt Korall
6.The New Breed - Gary Chester

7.Mastering The Tables Of Time - David Stanoch
8.Essential Drumset Fills - Jeff Bowders

9. Fundamentals of Drumming for Kids - Rich Redmond & Michael Aubrecht
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10. Drumantra - The Foundational Series - Rich Stitzel

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Student Testimonials

Here's what a few of Jeff's students have to say:

"Jeff Howe of Richardson drum lessons, is amazing! His level of expertise is only matched by his ability to keep our three year old son's attention! We are so pleased with his instructor and how lessons have been going so far. We look forward to the future!" - Hayley Frost

"Jeff is an excellent teacher.  His lessons are very informative and lots of fun." - Allen Couch

 "Jeff is the absolute best at helping you understand what it takes to be a good musician. He lay's out a game plan that helps you to develop sticking, timing, and syncopation skills that enhance and improve your band performance - no matter which genre'; rock, jazz, fusion.
His personnel and professional approach motivates you to achieve." - Doug Fenn

"Jeff is an outstanding teacher. Not only does he instruct you in technique, but he also helps you develop good self-practice habits. He's also very knowledgable about the history and the culture of the instrument. The difference between other instructors and Jeff is the difference between learning to play the drums and becoming a drummer."

Fred S.

"I took lessons from Jeff for a little over 2 years, and was very happy with the instruction I received. I picked up the drums late in life and already had a strong musical theory background, but no technical skills on the drum kit. Jeff was able to easily create a curriculum that taught me the technique I lacked through rudiments, etude study, as well as composition and improvisation exercises. Jeff also taught me a lot about how to maintain my drum kit and how to get the sound out of it that I desired, whether that was through drum head selection and tuning, cymbal selection, or setup adjustments."

Scott H.

"Jeff has been teaching our son weekly in our home for 5 years. He is professional, punctual, very enthusiastic and high energy. He really motivates our son to give his best effort. We think Jeff is great!!"

Linda W.

"I have been taking drum lessons from Jeff for 3.5 years. He started with me from scratch since I had no prior experience with the instrument and now we just continue to build on earlier work. My favorite music (to listen to and play) is metal but working with Jeff has shown me that all drumming concepts can be applied in any arena. We work on the rudiments, double bass, rock and jazz concepts. Despite my metal leanings, I have really taken to jazz and can't wait to be able to apply some of it into the heavier stuff I do.


As an instructor Jeff is extremely patient and helpful both in observing glaring errors one may make and in being able to make the subtle minor adjustments upon which the whole practice of drumming is based. Jeff has taken me through a number of different drumming books several times each and in totally different ways. He makes sure you develop your "weak" side—in my case the left, so that you become a balanced drummer. I'm very happy with what I've learned. I drive 45 minutes each way to take my lessons from Jeff even though there are many more instructors closer to where I live. His pricing is very reasonable as well. I highly recommend Jeff Howe if you want to learn and enjoy the drums."

Chris P.

"I have just recently started taking lessons with Jeff, (April 2014) and really enjoying his teaching methods and the books he has chosen to teach from. His patience is GOLDEN !! Always very upbeat and positive!! He is very conversational in that he takes the time before the lesson starts to ask how you have been doing. His family MUST be very supportive for him to do what he does in their home !! God Bless you all !! Keep on doing the great things you do !!!!!!"

Doug. B

"Jeff is truly a great teacher for young children. He has great teaching techniques and well structured drumming approach to young beginners. With his bright smile, warm character and good communication skills, it makes every kid feel comfortable to have lesson with him.
My younger son, aged 3.5 has been having lesson with Jeff since Mid-June 2014. He is a happy camper when come to attending Jeff's lesson. Recently, I sign up my older son, aged 6 with him and he had a great lesson.

Overall, his teaching method is just so stunning, unique and totally engaging for my children. I would recommend to any parents that are looking for drum teacher for their children and you won't go wrong with your decision."

Alyssa S.

"I was very impressed by Jeff. He's very patient and with many years of experience, he definitely knows his stuff. Also, he doesn't try to throw what he wants you to learn at you, but rather caters to your needs and where you'd like to grow as a drummer. I think he's an excellent drummer and teacher!"

Zaq D.

"My lessons with Jeff have worked out great. He seemed to know just the right type of practice regimen to put me on. I think I've made some real progress toward my goals after just 4 lessons."

Jeff D.

"Jeff is the consummate professional. He quickly assessed my skill level and started me where I needed to be. His studio is set up perfectly and he has all the equipment necessary to immediately start lessons the second I arrived."

Greg B.

"He is an amazing teacher and I enjoy his lesson very much"


Jeff is an Excellent teacher, we had our daughter start just over a month ago and we are really happy with the progress she has made and also like his personality. -Rahul Chahal


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My husband thoroughly enjoys his lessons with Jeff Howe, a seasoned musician and teacher. He is encouraging, enthusiastic and engaging.
Susan R.


Jeff is the perfect instructor for me. He is very knowledgeable, talented, and patient. He teaches from both a natural feel and an academic standpoint. He really attempts to determine the best approach for a given student's abilities and learning style. I'm extremely glad I found him.

Kelly G.

Jeff is amazing. As a former music education major, and someone who has been involved in music and music education the majority of my life I couldn't be happier working with him. Jeff knows what he's talking about. His passion for drumming and music combined with his real world experience as a gigging drummer makes him one of the beast teachers I've ever had.

Jay S.

I cannot say enough great things about Jeff. He made a difference in my son's life. He has a great energy and an awesome attitude. My son has learned so much and it is amazing to see him playing.
I am about to enroll my daughter too, and she is 3!!

Carolina G.

Jeff provides drum lessons for my 11-year-old son. He is a great teacher with an engaging style who makes the experience fun for my son. My son really looks forward to his lesson each week!

Steve M.

My middle school son has been taking drum lessons with Jeff for 3 years, and enjoys Jeff's fun and engaging style of teaching. Jeff is an excellent teacher and is passionate about his craft. I credit Jeff for keeping my son engaged and committed to music as a long term activity. Jeff has made it "cool" to be a band geek.

Deanna W.

Jeff is one of the best teachers in the field of guitar, he has enough knowledge about music to be familiar with different styles. His teaching style is very friendly. You will learn many chords in short time.

Khalil K.

           Thumbtack Best Pro of 2015


Lesson Policies

1. Payments for lessons are due in full at the first lesson of each month.

2. Make up lessons may be possible if notified 24 hours in advance and re-scheduled for the same
     week as the missed lesson.  Make up lessons are dependent upon instructor's availablity.

3. If instructor is unable to make a lesson, the lesson will be rescheduled at a convenient time for
    the student, otherwise, the missed lesson will be deducted off of the next month's payment

4. The following holidays will be observed and lessons will not be taught: New Years Day, Easter,
    July 4th, Thanksgiving, and Christmas Eve and Day.

5. One month notice is requested prior to terminating lessons.