Drums - 2014 Ludwig Legacy Blue/Olive Oyster Wrap

A. 5” x 14” Ludwig  snare w/wood  hoop (top only)
B. 8” x 12” tom- tom
C. 14"  x  14" Floor tom
D. 14" x 20" Bass drum

Cymbals - Dream

1. 16” Dream custom hi-hats (Contact crash -top, Energy crash - bottom) 
2. 10" Dream Bliss splash

3. 19" Dream Vintage  Bliss crash/ride (sometimes 18" Vintage Bliss crash/ride)

4. 8” Dream Bliss splash

5. 23" Eclipse Ride 
6. 20" Dream Bliss crash/ride

Drum Heads 

Remo Ambassador X on tom batters

Remo coated Ambassadors on tom resonant

Remo Smooth White Powerstroke 3 on Bass drum batter

Ludwig Powerstroke3 smooth white w/ Kickport on Front Logo Head

Remo coated Powerstroke 3  on snare top

Ludwig thin snare on snare side


Ludwig Atlas Arch (mounted tom)

Ludwig Atlas Anchor Bass Drum Spurs

Ludwig Atlas Scissor Lift Cymbal Arm

(2) Ludwig Atlas Bass Mounted Cymbal Arms

Ludwig Atlas Classic Hi Hat Stand (LAC16HH)

Ludwig Atlas pro Snare Stand (LAP23SSL)

 Ludwig Atlas Classic Cymbal Stand (LAC25CS)

Ludwig Classic Drum Throne (Blue/Olive Top)

Ludwig Atlas Bass Drum Pedal (LAP15FP)


Latin Percussion

aa. L.P. Cyclops tambourine

bb. Ludwig 14" Chrome timbale (1970's)
cc. L.P. Black Beauty cowbell

dd. L.P. Giovani conga

ee. various L.P. shakers

ff. Index Drums Beer can Shaker (Hoppy)


Meinl hi-hat tambourine

LP Hi Hat shaker

Thumb Thang

Meinl finger Shake

Meinl Ching Ring

Dem Sticks African Fans

Vic Firth VicKick Felt Bass Drum Beater

Homemade Hi Hat Shaker
Pluggs shaker stick
Shure Beta 52a microphone

Puresound 24 strand snare wire
PDP large Cowbell
Various DW Stands/Hardware

Jeff Howe uses Vic Firth Sticks( Maple 5B Signature Stick)

Brushes( Steve Gadd Model) 


and Vic Firth Stick Bags exclusively

More Drums

Slingerland 1940's White Marine Pearl (14" x 26", 9" x 13", 16" x1 6")
Slingerland 1950's Capri Pearl (14" x 22",9" x 13",16" x 16")

Slingerland 1966 Red Sparkle (14"x22", 9"x13", 16"x16", 5.5"x14" Radion King Snare (solid shell-1960)
Slingerland 1950's Brass Timbales (10",12")
Yamaha Hipgig set (18" x 16", 10" x 7",13" x 13", 4" x 12") 

Yamaha Stage Custom Hip (8"x20", 5"x13", 7"x10", 8"x13" SNOM)
Rattle Trap-kit - Old suitcase (bass drum), various small drums ,percussion, cymbals
Ludwig Acrolite (1970's) 5" x 14" snare
Ludwig 6.5" x 14" Brushed Aluminum Acrolite (Limited Edition)
Ludwig 8" x 14" Supralite Snare
Slingerland 1978 6.5" X 14" COB Snare w/TDR throw off
Mapex 3"x13" Steel piccolo snare
Ludwig (1971) 5" x 14" LM400 Snare Drum

Ludwig 90th Anniversary Solid maple snare 5" x 14" w/wood hoop

Ludwig 6.5" X 14" Black Beauty

PDP 10" Mini Timbale

Humes and Berg Enduro Foam lined cases -Black
Calzone ATA Cymbal Vault


Vic Firth - Drum Sticks, Brushes and Mallets