1. 1 Ever Wonder


                       Ever Wonder

Every time we dance like this, every time we try
Every time we walk these streets, lookin’ eye to eye 
There ain’t no reason, ain’t no reason why
Takin’ all the things you said, thinking for a while
Tangled up in my own head, barely crack a smile
Still there’s no reason, still no reason why

That a modern man can’t hold the hand
A weakened eye can’t catch a smile
Ever Wonder

Ever Wonder why
You try and try
And all you get is pain
For the life of me
I can hardly see
The world is crying
We’re both lying blindly

If you want to stand up tall
Not a flower to the wall
Be a part of something strong
Not a part of something wrong
That’s a reason, That’s a reason why

That a long goodbye can’t spark a fire
but the light is shining through the night
Ever wonder

The coast is clear I think it’s fear
But I’m ashamed to say it here
We got to find our own way
The truth be told I know I can
I really want to be a man
Everyone here now belongs
I’m not afraid any more