Patience, It's what I offer

What I offer with my lessons that others don't seem to offer is Patience.  Many teachers will rush through their lessons just to get them over with.  I like to take my time and really teach each week's lesson so that my students grasp whatever concept I'm trying to impart on them.  I don't assume that every student will understand a concept after a single explanation from me.  I try to find creative ways to teach my students whether with visual aids, audio examples, funny stories or analogies.  Whatever it takes!  But  To do this takes time and Patience.
I have been using various sites on the internet to help me spread the word on my services.  None has helped me more than Thumbtack.  The platform is excellent and gives me multiple ways to reach potential students in ways I'm not able to do on my own.  Check it out, it's really cool!

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